Hope! (Biblically speaking)

A lot of people have “Hope” that someday things will get better.

  • Lives will be changed toward the good.
  • Familes will be mended and brought back together.
  • That this sickness or disease will be healed.
  • Financial burdens will be lifted.
  • Better jobs and the right promotion will come along.

Whatever the case is, we have to have our “Hope” centered in Christ Jesus!

To “Hope” like the world hopes is like throwing dice in a game and hoping the right numbers show up.

But to “Hope” biblically speaking is “Hope” on a different level. Biblical Hope – * is to have a constant expection of good! Even when things are going wrong or over the edge (so to speak) in ones life, we do not see that as the end result.

Instead, we put our faith in and look to the way-maker, Jesus Christ Himself. The Bible says in, Isa 43:19 (ESV)  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the *wilderness and **rivers in the desert. (*Where one was lost, [wilderness] they will be found. **[Desert] The dry and deserted areas in ones life will now become furtile, useful, and alive!) Oh hallelujah!

My friends, Jesus is ready to make a way for you and give you His kind of “Hope!”

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2 thoughts on “Hope! (Biblically speaking)

  1. I want a prayer to my relationship problem to brin back my love

    1. Good evening Shevelie! We pray this reply finds you in better circumstances. If not, it’s ok!
      We are praying for your relationship and that you are finding the peace and love of God, in your life to being more than what you could have ever hoped for. God is a good God and if our prayers are prayed in faith believing and in accordance with His Word, Then He loves to answer our prayers. Be blessed and have a wonderful evening, in Jesus name, Amen.

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