About Larry Atkerson Sr.


Larry Atkerson Sr. was saved at a young age. He grew up in rural southeastern Oklahoma, then in high school, his family moved to Tulsa, Ok.

During this time he met the young lady who would become his wife, Lisa. They got married when they were still in their teen years. Obviously, getting married at this age created some very interesting times as they both grew up and matured together. However, they have stayed true to their vows, to each other, and have basically grown up with their beautiful children.

Larry Atkerson Sr. and Lisa Atkerson both have received training in ministry at “Rhema Bible Training Center” and “School of the Local Church”/”Grace School of Ministry” in Broken Arrow, and Tulsa, Ok. respectively.

While attending “School of the Local Church”, he received his first taste of the original languages of the Bible, in a course called “Beginning Biblical Greek”. Since that time he has also received training in “Biblical Hebrew”, with a university and classes based in Israel. “eTeacher, Israel Bible Center, and Israel Study Center”.

Larry Atkerson Sr. has worked or volunteered in just about every position a church or ministry can have. In doing so, he has filled many different roles ranging from door-greeter to Sunday-School teacher, children’s church worker to a counselor. He has also served in the pastoral positions of children, youth, and adult ministries. He has worked and been involved in hospital/visitation ministries where he has seen the power of God change people’s lives.

He delights in going on short-term mission trips! All the while, seeing the love of God with applied wisdom – transform people and their lives forever.

Larry Atkerson Sr. teaches a weekly bible study class starting just after spring break each year and continuing until right before Thanksgiving. In the class, he delves into the wonderful and exciting mysteries in the Bible, which is the Living Word of God.


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