So you want to have a baby?

My friends, God wants to give you the desires of your heart. If you have a desire to have a baby then God has a desire to give one or more to you.

He wants you to have your quiver full, as many children as you want.

Claim the blessings over you and your spouse that God pronounced over the children of Israel. In Deu 7:14 (LITV) it says, You shall be blessed above all people; there shall not be a barren man or a barren woman among you, nor among your livestock.

Pray this prayer over yourself, your spouse, and your present and future family… Dear heavenly Father, I thank You that You always hear me when I pray. I thank You, both of us are fertile and able to bear and/or produce beautiful, handsome, healthy, intelligent, Holy Spirit lead, anointed and appointed children sent to us, from You. It doesn’t matter what we have been told in the past about how or why we haven’t had any children yet. Instead, we stand on Your Word. We pray and speak the blessings of Abraham over us. Our reproductive organs are healed in and by You. We will not be barren or childless! Nor will any of our children be barren or childless. Our reproductive systems are alive and beaming with life. In Your precious Son, Jesus Christ name we pray, amen and amen!

Now my friends, speak this daily over your self and your family. Speak it, say it, and believe it. It is Gods desire for you.

If you would write to us, email us, let us know how God has done the seemingly impossible for you and your family. Thanks and be blessed in everything you do! Go in peace!

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