Jesus Healed them​ “All!”

Matthew 8:16 (MKJV) And evening coming on, they brought to Him many who had been possessed with demons. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick

My friends, did you notice that Jesus healed “ALL” who were brought to Him. He never said, “Ah man, now that’s a bad disease! I am so sorry, that’s not in My wheel-house.”

No! Instead, all who came to Him were healed! Not just the ones with vitamin deficiencies or something really easy to fix. He wasn’t trying to keep His stats up for the next review. No my friends, He was more than that!

The “Light” of the world came and dwelt with mankind to show them His love, mercy, and grace. He came to show us His will for mankind and that was for “ALL” to be healed and whole.

The good news is that the “ALL” then, also covers us today! My friends, if He was “The Healer” at that time! Then, He is stillThe Healer” today! For the Bible tells us in, Heb 13:8 (MKJV) Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever.

Oh, praise The Lord for He is good! His mercy is everlasting and He is an unchanging Lord! Now that is good news!

#UnchangingLord #JesusTheHealer #HisMercyIsEverlasting

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