God’s Got This!

Words of wisdom, from my wife, Lisa. 🙂

Over and over again during this whole last year, I heard these words spoken, “God’s Got This”. With the pandemic engulfing the whole wide world. People losing loved ones, constant lock downs, and sources of income drying up. It almost seemed like it was more than one could bare at times.

So then, to say, “God’s Got This”, as a blanket statement. Almost seems like, someone is out of touch with the present reality.

But nothing could be further from the truth, for a child of the Most High God. When you put your trust, your hope, your faith and life into the hands of Almighty God and you stand on His written Word. He will always work on your behalf. He will always be right there with you.

Things may not go, as you liked them to go. Or turn out the way you wanted them to turn out. But it’s OK! “God’s Got This”! Even though I have a great relationship with my Father in heaven! It is so refreshing to hear someone state, “God’s Got This”! Especially, when you know they are being 100% committed to praying the Word and standing on its promises.

My friends, I want to share this with you today. “God’s Got This”! No matter what trap has been set against you! Put your faith and trust in the God who never fails! In the One who loves deeper than one could ever imagine. I just want to encourage you with these words of faith, trust, and wisdom. When you lean on God and stand on His promises. Just know, “God’s Got This”! 🙂

If you would, let me pray and agree with you here? Father God, in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ. I lift up my brothers and sisters before You. I pray right now for their family, their friends, their finances, and their protection. I thank You for blessing them! For putting You big ‘ole arms of love around them. If they have lost any loved ones during the events over the last year or so, I thank You for Your comforting power of the Holy Spirit, in their life, right now. Thank You Lord Jesus that You always hear You children when we pray, in Your precious and mighty name, we pray, in Jesus name, Amen and Amen!

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