The Son of the Most High God!

Luk 1:32-32 (LITV) This One will be great and will be called Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David.

Luk 1:33  And He will reign over the house of Jacob to the ages, and of His kingdom there will be no end.

My friends, with everything going on in the world today. It is so easy to forget who we serve and follow. Especially, when it comes to our daily-grind in life (ability to survive and thrive) and even our salvation at times.

As we examine this passage of scripture. We see the angel, Gabriel, (Luke 1:26) was speaking to Mary. She was about to become the mother of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

We know from the original language of the New Testament (Greek), that the word used in this passage for “Angel” is the Greek word – ἄγγελος, pronounced = Ang-el-os.

According to Thayer’s Definition: an angel is…

1) a messenger, envoy, one who is sent, an angel, a messenger from God.

As a messenger from the Lord, God Most High, he states, “This One (Jesus, the Messiah) will be great and will be called Son of the Most High.”

Wow! What a declaration! Jesus Christ was to become a man, born of a virgin, and of His kingdom, there will be no end! My friends, His kingdom, concerning those who believe in Him has been building ever since He came to this earth, died on a cross, and rose again from the dead! Oh hallelujah!

Sometimes when problems and events present themselves to us. One of their inherent traits is to get us to take our eyes, faith, and confidence off of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God.

Please know, if you have said “Yes” to Him as Saviour and Lord. Then He is that and so much more, if and when we allow Him to be in our lives.

He is our Shepherd, Redeemer, Provider, Provision, Protection, Intersessor, and blessed Help in the time of trouble. He is the One who can help us restore our relationships and build back the bridges in our life, which seemed unrepairable. Especially, when we were the ones, who had previously burned them.

The devil and his demonic forces obviously recognize the power of the position, “The Son of the Most High God” has. There is no doubt in their mind, Who Jesus really was. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke’s gospel, we see the story of the demoniac who said his name was “Legion“, (for there were so many demons in this man).

The number of a “Legion” (a regiment of men) varied greatly throughout history with the lowest number being around 3,000. Then ranging all the way up to 6826 men (i.e. 6100 foot soldiers, and 726 horsemen) during the time of Augustus, *G3003 Thayer*.

If we take the normal number usually prescribed to a “Legion” of #Military men, it is 6,000. Then if we look at the story of the demoniac in Mark’s gospel, as an example. Take a look how they referred to Jesus. Mark 5:7 (LITV) And crying with a loud voice (the voice of many, speaking as one), he (the demons in the demoniac spoke through the man and) said, What is to me and to You, Jesus, Son of the most high God? I adjure You by God, do not torment me.

My friends, if the devil and his demonic forces in hell; if all of creation in both heaven and on the earth; if all the stars in the sky recognize Him as the Son of the Most High God. Then whom of what shall we fear?

For every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ, is the Son of the Most High God and in His name NOTHING shall be impossible for us! Oh Hallelujah and Praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

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