The Name of the Lord is…(Part 4).

Pro 18:10 (KJV) The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Well, Praise the Lord! We have been looking at this verse in particular and we are getting excited about the revelation that King Solomon must have seen. When he looked at the “Name” of the LORD in his native language, Hebrew.

We saw in Hebrew, that the Name of the LORD is spelled, יהוה [Letters read from right to left, yod, hey, vav, hey.]

Last week we looked at the 2nd and 4th letters in the “Name” of the LORD. Which was and is “ה“, pronounced, “Hey”!

This week we are looking at the final letter that we have not looked at yet in the “Name” of the LORD. It is the Hebrew letter, ” ו “, pronounced, “Vav”.

“Vav” is the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and its numeric value is 6, as well. Its pictorial meaning is “Nail, Peg, Secure, Hook, and Add”. It also has the conjunction meaning of “And”.

So, armed with all the information which we have shared over these 4 posts. Let’s bring the pictorial meaning of the “Name” of the “LORD” together and see what it shows.

Yod = Hand, Arm, Work,
Deed completed, Worship
Hey = Grace, Behold,
Show, Reveal, Breath
Vav = Nail, Secure,
Hook, Peg, Add
Hey = Grace, Behold,
Show, Reveal, Breath

Psalm 22 was already written at the time of King Solomon. King David, (Solomon’s father) was the one who wrote it. He was obviously under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit when he did. For in it, the prophecy was given about what kind of pain and suffering the Messiah would have to go through to purchase our salvation.

So, with King Solomon, being the wisest man ever to live. He no doubts remembered the prophecy and all of the other scriptures foretelling of the Savior who would come to redeem mankind back to God. Then looking at just the letters in the “Name” of the LORD, he could clearly see “what type of death” and “how big of a price” it would be, to do so.

(If you would please, ponder on what you now know from our study. Then tell me if it is talking about Jesus Christ and His work on the cross?) For in the meaning of the letters…this statement is made.“Hands of Grace, Nailed in Grace!”

It exactly describes our LORD and Savior! No one else could have, would have, or ever dared to fill those shoes, (so to speak).

“Wow” and “Praise the Lord”, my friends! There’s only one person to ever walk the face of the earth, who was born without the stain of sin already present in their life! It was the One who was born of a virgin, Jesus Christ, the Beloved Son of God.

Looking back at our pictograms for the “Name” of the LORD. We can see now what the prophet Isaiah knew and foretold, concerning salvation through the Messiah. In Isaiah 53, look at what he spoke in verse 1. Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

As a young man growing up, I never really knew what this verse meant. But now, with my simple understanding of the pictures and the meanings of these Hebrew letters. It makes me want to shout for joy, just seeing what they saw!

Not only does this verse speak of the Messiah! But it has His “Name” solidified in it, as well. Then to top it off and sandwiched on either side of the name, “LORD”! Is the beauty from the meanings of the pictures (being the first 2 letters in His name) and their significance. The 1st letter in the “Name” of the LORD is Yod which speaks of “His hands and the Arm of the LORD.”

Then the 2nd letter is “Hey” and it speaks of the “Grace” and “Revealed/revelation” of the LORD’s work.

Now, look at it again with these small interjections to help us see the pictures and meanings of what the prophet stated and how powerful it is. Isa 53:1 (KJV) Who hath believed our report? (the first part of receiving salvation is to “Believe”.) and to whom is the arm (the beautiful picture meaning from, Yod) of “יהוה, Yahweh / Yehôvâh” the LORD (Hey) revealed? (Thank the LORD for the “Revealed Hey”, the “Grace” of the Lord Jesus, The Messiah, being “Revealed” in the Son.)

In seeing this, we can now proclaim with certainty, what King Solomon did in his book of Proverbs Chapter 18, verse 10. The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

So, where do we find safety in times of trouble? In the power of the “Name” of the “LORD”!

Somebody give Him the praise for who He is and what He has done for us! Oh Hallelujah! 🙂

[I hope this 4-part mini-series of teaching has blessed you as much, as it has blessed me to share the “Good News” about our LORD and the power of His Name”!]

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