When Jesus Writes on the Ground… People Drop Rocks!

How come? When the Son of God writes with His finger on the ground. That all the religious leaders who were around Him at the time. Dropped all the rocks of judgment, which they previously had every intention of using?

Well, first off, let’s take a background look at the places listed in the Bible. Where the finger of God was used to write with or on, things that a normal human finger could not. Then let’s look at what was written.

This will help us to see and understand. What was possibly written by the finger of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, in the New Testament? Whatever it was, it caused an entire mob to drop their rocks, which were to be used in a stoning!

The first place we see The Finger of God writing” is in the Old Testament. God writes the “Ten Commandments” on tablets of stone with His finger.

Deu 9:9-10 (KJV) When I (Moses) was gone up into the mount to receive the tables (tablets) of stone, (Ten Commandments) even the tables of the covenant which the LORD made with you, then I abode in the mount forty days and forty nights, I neither did eat bread nor drink water:

Deu 9:10  And the LORD delivered unto me two tables of stone written with the finger of God; and on them was written according to all the words, which the LORD spake with you in the mount out of the midst of the fire in the day of the assembly. [This finger-written work by God, the 10 Commandments are listed in Exodus 20:1-18. Immediately following the “Commandments” are the different Laws. Including “Laws of Justice” and the “Laws of Judgements”. So, if at that time, you did not follow the commandments, then these things would happen to you.]

Since the 10 Commandments are a guide to how God expected His people to live. It covers several commands which start with, Thou shalt not! This would set His people apart from those who did not have the knowledge of His commands.

Then if Israel used them properly, others could be converted to seeing and worshipping the “One True God”, through their actions. Because they would be able to see that there is “No God” like “The Children of Israel’s God.”

This did happen from time to time with different people and/or kings throughout the Bible. They would make degrees or pledges to not speak against or to only serve, Israel’s God.

If we now fast-forward to the time of Daniel the Prophet. We will see another example of the “Finger(s) of God writing” on something solid.

Dan 5:5-6 (KJV) In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick (so it could be clearly seen) upon the plaister of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king (Belshazzar) saw the part of the hand that wrote.

Dan 5:6  Then the king’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against another.

I mean, if you were desecrating the vessels which were taken out of the temple of the God of Israel. Then a “Hand” appears out of nowhere and the “Fingers” on the hand begin to etch words into the solid, hard plaster surface of the wall. Yeah, that would surely get your attention fast!

However, like in this case, after examining and much to your surprise! When you took a closer look. These were not words you could read or understand. Then no doubt, you would become wobbly at the knees, as well.

Later on in Daniel 5:13-31, we see the judgment, which was passed against the king for not reverencing the God of Israel. Then as written, that very night he was slain as the judgment against him was fulfilled.

Now zooming forward to the New Testament! Let’s take a look at an event in Jesus’ life. Where the religious rulers had rocks in their hands, to stone a woman caught in the act of adultery. [Please note; these religious rulers knew the law. Yet, they only brought the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery. Wait, where’s the man? For the Law of Moses said, both of them shall be stoned, the man and the woman, Lev. 20:10 & Deu 22:22-24.]

So, let’s now take a look and see what happened. John 8:4-11 (MKJV) they (Scribes and Pharisees) said to Him, Teacher, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

Joh 8:5  Now Moses in the Law commanded us that such should be stoned. You, then, what do you say?

Joh 8:6  They said this, tempting Him so that they might have reason to accuse Him. But bending down, Jesus wrote on the ground with His finger, not appearing to hear. (My friends, two very important things to note here: First, Jesus bent down when they came to accuse the woman. Second, Jesus wrote on the ground with His finger. He did not use a branch, a twig, or even a piece of chalk. He used His finger. )

You may say, so why are these two things important in this passage?

Well, my friends, I’m so glad you asked. 🙂 We will pick up here, next week in our ministry post. As we continue this teaching and see why these two things were documented in this passage, as the acts of Jesus in this situation.

We will see why they were such an important detail, which was not to be skipped, by the gospel writer, John, who was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It’s going to be an awesome conclusion! Be blessed in everything you do! 🙂

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