Happy Father’s Day!

The first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet make up the word – Father.
It is the word אב pronounced as AV.

In Hebrew there are names and word-pictures (symbols) for each of the letters, as well as a numeric value.
The word-picture for the 1st letter of the alphabet א (ALEPH) is the picture of an “OX”. It stands for strength, head, leader, and first. It has a numeric value of “ONE”.
The word-picture for the 2nd letter ב (BAIYT / BET) is the picture of a house or a tent. It stands for household, family, being inside or within. It has a numeric value of 2.

So then the “Father” of the family unit should be the leader in the home. He should lead by example and with godly wisdom.
Because of his important role in the family, as he goes and does…so goes the rest of the family, in general.

(However, the Bible gives us examples of wives/mothers in the household, as the ones who had more influence over their children. This is when the father did not lead the family properly or with good-godly counsel.)

But to all the Dad’s who are doing their best, to be all they can be in the family unit. We salute you and give you honor on this day!
Thanks for protecting us, watching over us, providing for us, leading us by your awesome example, and for just being our father/dad!
We love you!

#HappyFathersDay #DadsAreSpecial #WeAreBlessedBecauseOfYou

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