Same power that rose Jesus from the dead…

This is great news!
Romans 8:11 (KJV) But if the Spirit of him (#HolySpirit) that raised up #Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

My friends, the same power of the Holy Spirit that indwells every born-again believer. Is the same power of the Holy Spirit that raised-up Jesus from the dead!

The Greek word for “Quicken” is the word G2227 (Strong’s number) ζωοποιέω (zōopoieō)  Pronounced – dzo-op-oy-eh’-o

It means…2b) to restore to life 2c) to give increase of life: thus of physical life 2d) of the spirit, quickening as respects the spirit, endued with new and greater powers of life.

The same Spirit that produced “#Life” in the body of our Saviour when He was raised from the dead. Is the same Spirit that will “Restore to life; Give increase of life; and endue us with a “New” and “Greater life” here in our mortal bodies!”

Yes! We are born-again and on our way to heaven, as believers!

Yes! We have been given a new-spirit on the inside of us, after we accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord!

But please note what part of our being has been “Quickened”! It is our mortal body! Our outward body that is seen with the physical eyes! The body that normally reaches a point in life, in which it begins to break-down, fall-apart, not work as well as it once did, and then speeds towards decay and death.

So not only have we been given this new-life (Born-again to life in our spirit) which gives us a secure future, in Him. But we have also been given this newness of life in our “Physical” body, as well.

In our mortal body, we have been restored to-life or towards-life and not to-death or towards death.

I believe we are the end-time generation! The one which will be here during the rapture of the church, which precedes the 2nd coming of The Lord! If so, then there are some of us who are reading this now, who will not experience physical death. Instead, we will be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, moment! From wearing or living in our mortal body into an immortal body! Oh Hallelujah!

But while we are here in this body, we can believe for and speak newness of life over our physical body. Jesus paid that price for us! And if His blessed Holy Spirit lives in us, then we can expect to see good days of a healthy life while we are here in this earth!

Somebody give Him a shout of praise for what He has done for us!

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1 thought on “Same power that rose Jesus from the dead…

  1. That’s right, that same power is in each of us.

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