Name your wages and I’ll pay…

My friends, our gracious Lord and savior, Jesus Christ is no respecter of persons. If He has done something for someone else, He will do it for you!

Look at this scripture setting where Jacob was asking his father-in-law to allow him, his family, and belongings – leave, from his estate.

Gen 30:27-28 (GW) Laban replied, “Listen to me. I’ve learned from the signs I’ve seen that the LORD has blessed me because of you.

Gen 30:28  So he offered, “Name your wages, and I’ll pay them.”

Wow! In this scripture setting a selfish father-in-law, (Laban) basically said, “Don’t leave! For I know, I am being blessed because you are here!” Then he said something rather astounding, “Name your wages, and I’ll pay them.”

My friends, the place you work, where you live, and the people around you can tell you are part of God’s family. They know, (but may never say it) that they are more blessed because you are there.

However, here’s the beautiful thing! God’s blessings surround you daily! People around you are more blessed because you are there. You may not even feel like it or realize it. But it’s all so true!

How would you like your boss to come in today and tell you what Laban told Jacob? That would be crazy, right? But if God can bless Jacob to that point, then He can bless you to that point, as well.

Oh hallelujah! My friends, you have favor, even unmerited favor with God, through His Son. Go into peace and be blessed! 🙂

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