Can’t buy His love!

God gives what cannot be bought!

His grace covers what should have been your undoing!

His favor surrounds us like a shield!

His stripes are for your healing!

His resurrection proved, He was the Son of God!

His accepted blood before the Father, was to wash away your sins and make you white as snow!

Look at how this verse sums it all up!

1 Timothy 3:14-16 The Message (MSG) 14-16 I hope to visit you soon, but just in case I’m delayed, I’m writing this letter so you’ll know how things ought to go in God’s household, this God-alive church, bastion of truth. This Christian life is a great mystery, far exceeding our understanding, but some things are clear enough:

He *(Jesus) appeared in a human body,
    was proved right by the invisible Spirit *(Holy Spirit),
        was seen by angels *(from His birth).
He was proclaimed among all kinds of peoples, *(Jews and Gentiles)
    believed in all over the world,
        *(Resurrected on the 3rd day) taken up into heavenly glory.

The (CJB) version states vs. 16 like this…

16 Great beyond all question is the formerly hidden truth underlying our faith:

He was manifested physically
    and proved righteous spiritually,
seen by angels
    and proclaimed among the nations,
trusted throughout the world
    and raised up in glory to heaven.

Thank You Lord for Your love! 🙂

#CantBuyHisLove #LoveFreelyGiven #HisGraceCoversMe

*(Above was inserted for clarity and it is backed up by the whole Bible).

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