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Category: Forgiveness

A Message in a Bottle (so to speak)!

Have you ever found a message in a bottle? Were you intrigued beyond belief, to see what it said? Usually it says something like, “I love you!” “Tell my family I really miss and love them!” Or “If you find…

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Can’t buy His love!

God gives what cannot be bought! His grace covers what should have been your undoing! His favor surrounds us like a shield! His stripes are for your healing! His resurrection proved, He was the Son of God! His accepted blood…

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Is Jesus the Answer?

Well, lets examine the short fast evidence. First…all things (including us) were made by Him. Nothing was made unless He made it. Col. 1:15-19. His birth, life, and ministry was prophesied 1,000’s of years before it happened with exacting details….

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Jesus is Risen!

Let this sink into our hearts and minds, this Easter. Jesus Christ, the Son of God arose from the dead on the 3rd day, just like He said He would! The Resurrection Luk 24:1-8 (KJV)  Now upon the first day of…

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God is not Mad at Me!

My friends, right after the Messianic chapter of Isaiah 53. The chapter where it told us what the Messiah would have to go through. How He would suffer and die for us, even though He had NO sin of His…

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