New Year! New Beginnings!

When we start a new year it is the accepted norm to reflect on the previous year and to make a pledge of change for some area of our lives in the new one.

But a lot of times we come up short in our goal. We start off running like there is “No tomorrow!” But then a few tomorrows come and we begin to lose sight of our goal. Or we decide that we just can’t make the change that we wanted to make.

My friends, I just want to encourage you. As a “Believer” you are forgiven! Health and healing has been paid for by the stripes on His back!

You can make it!

You can do it!

You are an overcomer and you will finally accomplish this task. You just have to rely on someone other than yourself, to get you through it.

The Bible says in, Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

Lean on His strength, His wisdom, His understanding and He will be right there with you to help you win and overcome.

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