Just One Word Can Change Your Perspective!

When we think about certain things or when we are talking to different people. “Just one word”, will sometimes change our entire thought process about them, the things they care about, and/or what they are going through.

Larry Atkerson Ministries

Take these words for instance. See how they change your attitude, thought process, and feelings. 1. Hate, 2. Like, 3. Love!

Did you notice a change in the way you were thinking or feeling after you thought about each one?

  1. Hate; could lead you to thinking about someone or something that you totally despise. Maybe even a food you have eaten, which you never want to try again.
  2. Like; could bring up feelings of something you have decided to approve of. (It is obviously used a lot, as a compliment on social media.)
  3. Love; well, that brings up a lot of thoughts and feelings, which not only have we approved of. But also, things which we want to see, approve of, or experience again and again.

Take a look at the very first verse in the Bible and imagine or meditate on each word and see how they affect your thoughts. (Please note I have put [brackets] around each word as they appear in the original language of the OT Bible, which is Hebrew.) Gen 1:1 (KJV) [In the beginning] [God] [created] [the heaven] [and] [the earth]. *

The first word in Hebrew is actually 3 words in English. “In the beginning“. Stop and pause for just a moment and think, ponder, meditate on “the beginning of time.” The point when the “Universe” was called into existence!

Yes! The moment it was called into existence! One moment it did not exist! The next moment, God spoke and now it was birth into existence. Imagine that mighty, powerful act! Light, energy, and all matter are now shooting-out from this central point. Exploding, yet forming into finished works of art by Almighty God.

With all the stars being flung into the vast expanse, now called “Space” and/or the “Universe.” Yet, it was not a haphazard placement! No! Instead, they were named and placed into their exact positions by Almighty God. Psa 147:4 (KJV) He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

No wonder the next verse says this, Psa 147:5  Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

My friends, “This one word”, and thought process concerning the “Beginning”, when meditated on properly. Can change a person’s perspective from being a non-believer in God to a believer. For only, a “Superior Intelligent Being“, could do such precise work with exacting measurements that the entire universe still follows His “once spoken” commands, to this day.

The next word in our English Bible is “God”! Oh, my goodness, gracious! How meditating on “This one Word”, and His introduction to us in the very first verse of the Bible, can change a person’s eternal destination.

God says, “I am the One who created the universe and everything you see. Plus, everything you don’t see with your naked eye!” “Yes, even that world is subject to My Words! I created them all”!

My friends if we just ponder and think about the eternal attributes of an Almighty God. One who is powerful enough to create something, which never existed before. Yet, do it so well, it continues to this day, without fail by His previous spoken Word.

* [(Side note for completion’s sake; there are actually 7 words in the Hebrew Bible, in verse 1 and not just the 6, which I put [brackets] around, which are found in our English version Bible.) The word, which was not translated into English, is actually “The Direct Object”, “את”. It stands for the “One” who was doing the creating. I discuss this in somewhat detail in my upcoming book, “Creation Unveiled”. It’s an exciting hallelujah moment!]

So now, as we can clearly see, “Just one word or thought can change our entire perspective on life and living”! There are 4 more words in Genesis 1:1 to ponder and meditate on if you would like to do so.

But I wanted to leave you with this thought process. We serve a God who is mighty enough to control the very universe, we currently reside in. Yet, He is not too big or so far away that He cannot hear and answer your heart’s cry.

Reach out to Him, for He is always near to us and ready to respond to His child’s, faith-spoken prayer. That is a prayer that speaks in alignment with the Word of God and stands on what they spoke. But no worries if you have moments of doubt and fear. We are human and at certain times we all do!

However, He is faithful and just to give us what we ask of Him, when we speak it in faith, (even if it’s not perfect). That is if we continue to believe…we receive.

For it is not given to us because of how good and great we are. But it is given to us, because of how good and great He is! It is by His unmerited favor, which is made known to us by His full and never-ending supply of Grace, Amen, and Amen!

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